For Families

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Families often request a private autopsy to help answer questions about the medical events that led to death.  The documentation of previously undetected disease may provide valuable information to the family members.  

The autopsy is performed in the morgue facilities of a funeral establishment.  The  facility that the family has chosen to handle the funeral arrangements typically is used   for the examination.  If family members require guidance during this time of loss, Wigren Forensic can suggest funeral facilities that meet the particular family needs.   

Additional services available include DNA banking, genetic analysis, and toxicology. 

Secure offsite DNA banking services are available and may be of interest to future family generations particularly in establishing paternity or verifying the presence of certain genetic diseases.

Genetic analysis for specific diseases is available and can help medical geneticists document heritable disease.

Please contact Dr. Wigren to personally discuss your request and any other concerns.     

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