Genetic Testing

Some diseases have a genetic basis and may passed from parents to children.  

Families may be already aware of such an inherited disease.  Establishing the presence or absence of particular diseased genes is an important step in creating a pedigree that may help family members understand their risk of acquiring disease.

genetic testing sample

Genetic testing can be expensive with prices ranging from $1000 to more than $3000.  An alternative to immediate genetic analysis is to store the DNA in a DNA bank.  If your health care provider determines that your family needs a referral to a medical geneticist, the DNA from the deceased family member can be accessed and the cost of analysis may fall under insurance coverage.  Check with your physician and health insurance provider for more details.      

Dr. Wigren can provide resources for laboratories that can test for specific genes.  You can also research clinical labs that can test for particular genes by clicking here



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